Rexaline: New Generation, even further in hydration

Everything separates them: One lives in the water, the other one in the air… One likes the cold, the other one the heat…
In synergy with the Hyaluronic Acid duo of the Rexaline Complex, two powerful vegetables, the Red Algae and the Desert Rose join to offer a multiplied efficiency: a 3D hydration at every level of the skin, and exceptional results.
THE WORKS OF THE SEARCHERS .Their objective: un complete control Of the natural hydration at every level of the skin. 3 A new challenge ! New research on natural hydration mechanisms enhanced the understanding of what happens inside the skin, and especially in the middle layer, located between the corneus layer and the basal layer, which supports the epidermis.

TARGET THE MIDDLE LAYER OF THE EPIDERMIS.The Hyaluronic Acid is known for its moisturizing and plumping properties in the dermis. But in the middle layers of the skin is also an Hyaluronic Acid. More than a simple moisturizer, this epidermic Hyaluronic Acid plays a leading role in the restructuring of the skin. Capable of synthesizing 4 Xmore Hyaluronic Acid than that of the dermis, It introduces and insures a constant cell renewal, since the the basal layer, the deepest, up to the stratum corneum, on surface. TARGET THE MIDDLE LAYER OF THE EPIDERMIS It’s with this still poorly known potential that our scientists dealed. Having screened hundreds of vegetables, they chose the Desert rose and the Red Algae for their incredible qualities and their capacity to auto-adapt to difficult conditions.